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What you need to know about SEO 2020

SEO 2018 to 2020 : 2016 was a stressful year for SEO science.
Google changed the rules dramatically so that if last year’s websites did not change their rules, their rankings would drop dramatically. ((Important points in SEO))

The changes that took place in SEO 2018 to 2020 did not change much to prevent “dirty SEO”, however, the changes made by the standard of the largest search engine, Google, changed the SEO outlook.

SEO 2018 to 2020

As a web designer or developer, if you do not keep up to date in a field such as SEO , you will certainly do serious damage to your customers and projects. SEO is not like fashion that is constantly changing, but you should be careful to learn the necessary techniques and things and do not take action against them.

So the question is, what exactly changed last year? Perhaps the most important issue was prioritizing indexing to mobile-compatible websites, just as https and ssl -based websites were finding better SEO, and using and adapting to AMP was also an important issue.

Another change that had a huge impact was the devaluation of websites that used pop-up ads . Google also unveiled an algorithm that could better understand and comprehend content. These issues may seem obvious, but they are important things that developers and designers need to know and be aware of.

In this article, we are going to tell you about the depth of the issue and point out how these things can work for you.
By reading this article, you will understand what you need to become an SEO master this year .

Build for mobile

Let’s start with the most important aspect of SEO in 2018.
The way users use Google search engine has changed, now searchers are using mobile devices , smartphones and tablets. However, other traditional desktop methods have changed.

Google announced this in November 2016, introducing indexing priority for mobile-compatible websites in the search field. However, you should move your SEO strategy towards mobile compatibility. Having a mobile compatible website is no longer an option but a must. Mobile is a growing trend and one of the most important features to make your online business important.

Important points in SEO 2018-2020

Paul Tyler, an SEO expert at All Response Media, believes that indexing mobile-compatible websites
shows us that we need to focus heavily on mobile to thrive. “Just as the percentage of mobile searches is higher than the desktop in different cases, not taking a mobile-compatible approach can be a big risk to jeopardize your business,” he said.

Of course, just having a simple website is not enough. Understanding what makes a great mobile website experience is also very important. As Tyler puts it: Although most organizations have a mobile-compatible website, they still do not know the role of each device when shopping on the website.

In fact, having a mobile compatible website offers a better user experience and higher conversion rates. If your website is not currently optimized for mobile , then it is better to go back and work on it. Now is the time to take building a mobile compatible website very seriously.

Build your brand

Social networks play a very important and important role in your SEO strategy.
In fact, even now, even if you do not know, they play such a role. Your business should be
displayed in places other than your website. To do this, you must have a
Facebookpage, توی Twitter account, YouTube tab, etc.
The next time you search for a topic, try to take the time
to see social media results on the front page. Although Google has not yet revealed a
clear approach to displaying the connection between social networks,
if you think about it, you can see that the impact of social networks on
search engine optimization is obvious.
Doing so usually SEO website « off-page » known in
the sense that you are improving the state of
SEO website from outside it. When you
optimize your website through content, meta tags, etc., it is
called “on-page”.
Placing elements such as sharing, following, etc. on the website helps a lot
to increase the SEO rate for social networks .
Building your brand on social media has a huge impact on your SEO results
helps a lot in increasing website traffic and popularizing your online business.

Website speed

Important points in SEO site - SEO 2018 - SEO 2020
HTTP / 2 uses a new standard to speed up website optimization.
Google put a lot more emphasis on website speed this year. Although this
issue has always been a clear and important issue for users, but Google is now emphasizing
it and this issue is considered an important factor in increasing the ranking of the website.
Doing some techniques in this regard will also improve other features of the website.
So you have to think about them. For example, reducing errors that lead to redirects
or 404 pages , while
greatly helping to improve website optimization , increase website performance by up to 100%. Increasing the speed of the
website is also one of these important features.
Implementing HTTPS / 2 on the site has a very positive effect on website optimization. Daniel Stenberg says in an article that the maximum volume that should be loaded at the beginning of the website is 1.9 MB, and more than that, it slows down the first page of the website.
HTTP1 has not been updated since 1999, so it is fair that the design of the website will change in 2018.
So as soon as possible it is better to upgrade your HTTP version to version 2.
Doing so will greatly increase the speed of your website and eventually Google will index your website better.

Voice Search

In 2016, one of the biggest trends developed by users was voice search.
This trend can also be created by Google and iPhone mobiles along with their voice assistants such as Siri, etc.
This is a market that is growing rapidly and it does not seem to change any time soon.
So SEO experts need to think about this. Some commentators believe that by 2020, more than 50% of searches
will be done by voice.
Users in voice searches usually act differently,
for example using longer sentences and using more natural language.
Well, in such cases, the search is like a request that needs to be answered immediately,
so you have to think about how much the keywords and the sitemap will have a positive effect on your results.
“The good thing about voice search is that it’s very easy to implement and use ,” says Neil Patel, founder of Crazy Egg
By optimizing content and website for audio search engines, you can create a good future for your website.

بک ‌لینگ

Important points in SEO site - SEO 2018 - SEO 2020
Backlinks : Many times the old ways are the best way available.
Backlinks are not a new topic in the world of SEO.
Back links are links from websites and search engines that is connected directly to your website.
While this is not a new approach, it does have a huge impact on the search engine optimization of your website .
We are not going to talk about the details of backlink techniques in this section , because there are so many techniques.
But according to one expert, this practice is really like a distribution .

Content is king is

Content is king: No matter how beautiful your website is, it has no value if it does not meet the needs of users.
Users are becoming more and more strict every day. Today, websites that are full of keywords are
really not in high demand. These tabs are true to be found quickly by search engines
but give users a terrific user experience.
Of course, Google is now very smart and can distinguish right keywords from wrong and irrelevant words .
Google can distinguish good content from worthless content.
Now you can imagine how important the role of a good writer on a website is, and it only goes back
to the fact that content is king. You do not buy a magazine because only beautiful but also words written in
it will be far more important for the reader.
” Even if your website is well-established and loads very quickly , it will not be a good website
if it does not have the right content and can not convince the user well and
give him what he is looking for,” says Tyler argues .
Good content builds a community and creates a good connection between what you say
and what users are searching for.
Of course, on the other hand, do not think that only timely updates can suffice.
Users are looking for the subtleties of your content and would love to see content next to multimedia objects .
Your content should always be able to be shared on social media.
Finally, try to attract more and more visitors and readers.

User experience

As machine learning progresses, so do Google’s algorithms, and in this regard, the user experience will have a significant impact
on the future of SEO. These improvements help search engines
to focus more on relevant results
, but not only the content but also the user experience will be important.
Users have much higher expectations and only good content can not meet them.
Content needs to be loaded quickly, displayed well on all devices,
properly formatted, and delivered with a good user experience.
If user experience is not currently part of your SEO strategy then you need to implement it on the website as soon as possible.
SEO and user experience are two important parts of any website that should not be seen separately
but should be used to serve each other.

SEO Video Marketing 2018

Videos have already taken over a large part of the Internet world. To understand this, just
take a look at YouTube , Facebook and other social networks.
Users are now interested in watching related videos to learn more about each field or get information about a particular product
To build your brand and better respond to website contacts, it is better to use video on your website and pay attention to it.
SEO 2018 Technical
SEO has been a technique for a few years that was not given importance, but now you really need it.
SEO examines a technique to see if your website architecture is compatible with Google’s optimization algorithms .
Is your website indexed or are the keywords located correctly? And things like that.
These techniques even include improving the speed of the website .
Of course, for this, Google has unveiled the AMP technique , which is also of particular importance.
Following all the techniques in this item may result in some limitations,
but rest assured that all items will have a positive effect and ultimately benefit you.
Do not take your eyes off Google
Important points in SEO site - SEO 2018 - SEO 2020

Although new topics are emerging and new ones are coming to market, the
reality is that Google is the number one adventurer in the current situation.
And it seems that this will not change any time soon. So if you need to keep your SEO
foundations strong, then it is better to do your development around Google and accordingly.

In order to be aware of all the changes in Google , always try to communicate with Google in
different ways and follow the official activities and content of this company.
This is the only way you can stay in touch with Google and
be aware of all its new features and approaches . (( Important points in SEO ))

Important points in SEO 2018-2020

1- The first important points in SEO Every page of the site should have an h1. The number h1 further damages the site.

2 – Use amp to increase the ranking of your website in mobile results. Important points in SEO

3 – Link building One of the most important points in SEO for a website through white hat methods.

4 – Content production, backlinks and video production are the king of SEO discussion. If you do not have any strategy for these cases, be sure to start faster.

5 – Local SEO is one of the most important points that you should pay attention to.

6 – Considering that Google has been prioritizing how to display correctly on mobile for several years, be sure to check with various tools that the website is displayed correctly on mobile.

7- For new websites, it is recommended not to use AJAX-Crawling scheme.

8 – Header and footer links are not considered strong links. Always try to get the link from within the text.

9 – The number of pages that can be placed on the map site should not be more than 50 thousand. 

10 – Voice search on mobile is the most used.

Note: Multi Ryan Company has been able to gain a high rank in search engines in 2020 with SEO tricks and training tips .

SEO 2020


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SEO 2018 – SEO 2018 – SEO 2018

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