Promotional Teaser – Make a teaser


The purpose of making and showing a teaser or an advertisement is to shock the audience!

The standard time for teasers is usually between 15 and 50 seconds, and TV commercial makers try.
By creating a suitable drama and a coherent and purposeful story, and using beautiful and effective images , and observing the principles of graphics
and framing, they will convey their message to you in the shortest possible time.
A well-crafted teaser covers a variety of factors.
Sometimes it makes the mistake of just using high-quality cinematic cameras to make a good teaser .
But there are actually many factors involved in making a standard work, of which the camera is one.
Promotional Teaser - Make a teaser
Promotional Teaser – Make a teaser

These factors include:

– Creative ideation and understanding the needs and goals of the customer
– Preparation of a clear and principled scenario for the production team and customer information
– Use of professional behind-the-scenes agents including director, cameraman, costume designer, makeup designer and stage voice actor
– Professional assembly And suitable for the subject of the work
– color correction and adding graphic items
– making music or using music archive suitable with the rhythm of images
– standard output and appropriate quality to provide to the customer
Promotional Teaser - Make a teaser
Promotional Teaser – Make a teaser

Steps of making a teaser

Step 1: Define the teaser project

After the employer communicates, the type of product or service will be provided to the employer (survey brief form ). This form raises questions that will help us as creators of promotional teasers .
Has collected more detailed details of how the project will work, which in fact
will help to understand the mentality of the employer and how to provide services.

Step 2: Prepare the plan and scenario

The second step is to prepare a scenario plan .
The photo and design house ideation team will start the topic of the product idea generation session according to the conversations and citing the promotional brief form
The output of this meeting is finally reaching three fully practical and applicable designs and ideas about the product that will be provided to the

Third stage: pre-production

In the pre-production stage, the selected scenario is provided to the production team.
According to the need of the scenario to visit Lokshin , the choice of actor, the selection of the cameraman and other factors …, the necessary tests, including clothing testing and makeup testing, are performed on the recruits and they prepare their group to produce the work.

Step 4: Production

At this stage, the production team is directed and supervised by the director on the day and place specified.
They start the production work and record the scenario plans . The production stage is one of the most sensitive stages of the work.
It requires high concentration and accuracy of all members of the group.
In the production stage, everything that is written on the script paper will be implemented and the mentalities will become objective.

Step 5: After production

At this stage, the recorded rashes or, in simpler words, raw films are placed in the assembly process under the supervision of the director .
The editor is responsible for compiling the plans.
Sound, color correction, music and image coordination, graphic effects and conversion of various outputs are also done at the end of this stage.
Your teaser is ready and you can enjoy watching it.
Promotional Teaser – Make a teaser

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