What is Premier?


Premier software is the oldest and best digital audio-visual software and is used for tasks such as video editing and special effects, as well as special effects (acts like a film studio and has all the necessary tools). .)
Adobe premiere was released in 2003, and premiere refers to versions before 2003 and premiere pro  after 2003.

How to work with after effects software

It is possible to copy clips and videos between two softwares easily and the projects of each can be imported internally  and worked on without any special problems.

Applications of Premier software

This software has many applications, some of which are:
* High speed video editing
* Graphic design and website development
* Create sound and video effects in movies
* Supports most formats (such as SWF )
* Ability to edit audio clips and images and combine them together (because it supports various formats)
* Having tools such as: editing and editing videos, editing and inserting movie audio,
* Save videos in any format and quality desired by the user (for web, bluray, cd, dvd)
* Ability to insert text and subtitles on the movie (DVD movies with subtitles can be edited by this software)
* Ability to put a logo or watermark and cut parts of the movie that you do not want.
* Compatibility with other Adobe software  and ease of working with the software by the user
* Ability to communicate with a variety of cameras and camcorders
* Ability to edit 3D and HD movies
* It can be used without having skills.
* Compatibility with audio editing software (increases audio editing speed )
Some of the features in the latest version of this software are:
* Ability to share different parts of the film and participate in the editing and editing of the film by a team
* Detects your virtual reality video direction and applies the necessary settings
* Added step-by-step help section on the software start page
* Added new sound effects to the application

Premier Vocational Training – Premier Vocational Training

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