What is editing?


Editing is actually the last stage of film production, after which the final form of the film is prepared.
The work of the editor is a kind of montage and composition, which means that the scenes of the film are recorded in pieces (plan)
and finally, after the end of filming, according to the process of the film’s story,they are connectedby the editor in such a way that
The best form of meaning and concept of the film should be conveyed to the audience.
The editor is part of the post-filmcrew, combiningraw videos and recorded sounds with effects , graphics
and special effects to produce the final film.
He has a close relationship with the director and applies his ideas in his work.
editorMust be familiar with production, including directing, filming and sound,
in order to be able to apply mistakes or corrections in editing well.

Professional editors can have a huge impact on the quality of the final product.
The editor’s work usually begins at the beginning of filming, so that the scenes that are filmed on a daily basis are
provided to the editor and he puts them together according to the story of the film and the director .
At the end of the filming, he has a raw film that matches the storyline.
At this stage, the final editing workbegins and at the end, the final version issent to the laboratoryfor printing and reproduction .
After the private screening,it is still possible to make corrections to the film’s editing, depending on the audience’s feedbackor the director’s opinion.

Development steps

In general, the editing steps are:
  • Stage of assembly (Assembly): At this stage, editor of the script and the scene to maintain order between the report notes Views
    plan plan from beginning to end to the facade and the number and sequence number is classified.
    No elimination is madeat this stage.
  • Step Rough Cut : When filming at the beginning and end of the plan needed more of what is filmed is
    to be Mvntvr when making every moment that saw to cut the choices.
    This stage is actually considered to be the first real stage of development, but the plans have not yetreached their final and logical link.
  • Fine Cut Step : In this step, the mounter makes the final decision about the cut point or cut
    and the moment of joining the two.
    Now plans when the film separately and at different times and locations for
    filming were the subject of the course of events and the time and place has to be continued.
The number of each plan and sequence and its capture are written on the clock, and during filming, the number of each plan is displayed in front of the camera , and the sound of the clock is needed to edit the sound. Dwinger’s work has other dimensions as well. The editor should know the right time to put the movie scenes together and pay close attention to detail. He must also be patient and get things done on time. In this job , technical skills , experience and personal characteristics are more valuable to many employers than qualifications . Those who are interested can gain the necessary experience with internships, free volunteer work or specialized courses

Acquire existing.

Most of the world film festivals have the award for the best editor and choose the best actor among the candidates. This highlights the importance of editing in filmmaking .
Of course, it should be noted that the work of an editor is not limited to the work of television and cinema filmmakers.
Rather, a number of editors have played a key role in the preparation of many advertising projects and video clips.
The editor is usually working on a project.
Of course, sometimes due to the schedule of the studios, he is forced to work in shifts and sometimes at night.
He must be flexible and able to work long hours .
The editor’s workplace is in the studio , where he has to work long hours with the computer.

Tasks of the editor

Depending on the expertise , type and size of the project, the tasks of the compiler are:
  • Understand the needs of the project through the director or client
  • Transfer the original version of the videos and videos to the computer
  • Check the initial version and specify the appropriate sections and deleted sections
  • Separate and connect sections with the help of editing software
  • Retain the original story of the film despite the edits made
  • Create a raw version of the selected sections
  • Increase the quality of images digitally
  • Using computer software to add titles, images, graphics, sounds and visual effects
  • Put all the parts together and prepare the final version
  • Produced DVD of the
In large projects, sometimes an editing team does the editing work together.
What is editing – what is editing – what is editing

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