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 Basic SEO : To learn and package a free beginner SEO training course, we need an introductory definition so that we can get acquainted with how to work well. There are many ways to do this that vary depending on the type of goal. But the ultimate and main goal of SEO is the same for each site and that is to get top rankings in search engine results.

Multi Ryan Company is ready to hold SEO training courses  tailored to your circumstances in a private and exceptional way.

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What is SEO and how can we SEO a site?

Now the question arises what is SEO training and how can we SEO a site? SEO is a convenient and sustainable way to increase targeted traffic to a website. SEO is not just about technical issues, you need to be able to produce relevant and user-friendly content. In this regard, Multi Ryan Company optimizes your website with experienced and experienced programming teams by producing strong and intelligent content.

In fact, your goal is to produce content for the audience and try to SEO the content you have produced using techniques. To be more visible to users. But you should know that content is not just text. Content may include: photos, videos, podcasts, etc.

Free beginner SEO training package is available through Multi Ryan for you who are interested in this field. The content that is generated should be sufficiently relevant to your website and linked by others. | SEO training

SEO training course

The topic of SEO, despite its breadth and complexity, may not work for you in the short term. But we need to know that SEO is gradually completed over time and becomes effective. That is why your knowledge in this field should always be in line with changes and developments. In other words, you need to be up to date to be able to keep your website up to date.

Of course, the growth and prosperity of your business in any field in which you operate is very important to you. And definitely one of your main concerns in this direction is finding customers and targeted users for your business.

Multi-Ryan collection helps you in this matter so that you can leave your website to us with confidence and peace of mind. SEO is a good option to promote this goal. | SEO training

Because SEO and learning SEO training is more cost-effective and sustainable than other marketing methods. Now, in this direction, whether as a webmaster or as an SEO expert, you should always seek to learn and teach SEO.

Where to start SEO training? And how do we learn?

Basic SEO Terms:
1- Internal SEO and Foreign  SEO    2-  Black Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

Internal SEO: means in-site optimization for search engines. Content optimization, internal linking, site coding improvements and everything that is in your hand and related to your site. That includes: titles, meta tags, photos, content, site speed and URL structure.

External SEO: refers to the optimization outside of your website. Which may include the following: social networks, link buying, link exchange, etc.

The difference between internal and external SEO:

The first and main difference is that in internal SEO you have access to almost everything and you have complete control over its factors, but in external SEO this is not very true.

The second difference is that by not considering internal SEO and only focusing on external SEO, the cost of your site SEO will be very high. In other words, external SEO costs more than internal SEO.

The third difference is that internal SEO is not as dangerous as external SEO, and the negative effects of external SEO are sometimes stronger due to the lack of complete control over it. | SEO training

Black Hat SEO, Gray Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

What is White Hat SEO? In general, the methods that are implemented inSEObased on the principlesof SEO trainingand have no effect on the natural process of SEO are called“white hat SEO”. Googlealwaysemphasizeswhite hat SEO.

In this method, attracting the user has a natural process and proceeds based on customer orientation. In other words, you do not go to the user, you produce good content and product and the user comes to you and you have not manipulated in this process.

White hat methods include: producing quality content, principled coding, selecting appropriate titles and descriptions, principled internal linking, creating natural backlinks without the direct involvement of the business owner, reviewing keywords, and more.

What is Black Hat SEO? In general, the methods that are not implemented in SEO based on SEO principles and the goal is to change the natural SEO process to reach the top rankings of Google faster. In most cases, Google notices and deals with the site. And if he needs to be more strict, he will even penalize the page of that website.

Gray SEO: Between white hat SEO and black hat SEO, SEO work here should be able to speed up white hat, but not to the extent that it can cause search engine sensitivity. | SEO training

The role of using keywords in the site:

Effective use of appropriate keywords play a very important role in site optimization for search engines. A good and successful website should choose a number of keywords and focus on them.

Keywords should be used reasonably and regularly in headlines, paragraphs, titles and site links. Search engines usually measure the density of all the words inside the pages. By extracting used words in the language, they extract the keywords of your pages.

To choose the right keywords for the site, it is better to get help and advice from our teams in this regard so that you can choose the most visited keywords for your site. So if you do not have enough experience, it is recommended to get help from highly experienced people to choose these words. | SEO training

key word

In choosing keywords, you should get information such as keywords that are of interest to your target users, keywords of competing sites, popular keywords, and so on. Note that using and repeating inappropriate and unrealistic keywords is one of the things that users try to use on their sites as fraud.

Every user can think of doing this by reading the first article about search engines. Therefore, with full knowledge of choosing your keywords on your site, you can easily communicate with multi-Ryan SEO experts. And
our consultants will guide you in this regard.

Experience SEO training with Multi Ryan

The same attempt of people in fraud in using their keywords has caused the high attention of search engine designers to
detect these frauds. Today, advanced search engines use
very sophisticated algorithms and methods to detect these cases.

The basic premise of using keywords on the site is to use the keywords sensibly
and correctly on the pages. And never try to cheat on keywords.
| SEO training

What are keywords?

Keywords or keywords are the phrases that a user enters into a search engine to find the content they need. If you choose smart and useful keywords for your website, you have a chance that your site will be selected by a large number of users. Of course, being in the preliminary results of search engines requires various measures to optimize the website. | SEO training

But choosing and using the right keywords is one of the SEO factors. Keywords play a very important role
in your site. So if you choose the wrong word, it can hit your brand
and your business hard .

For example, suppose you rank first in the shoe keyword. But you do not have any product or content on your site. In this case,
visitors to your site or online store will definitely leave. And they go to another site and buy the product.
So be very careful in choosing keywords. Also
, determine your research and goals before choosing the right keyword for it . | SEO training

What is content production?

What is content production? Producing quality, strong content is critical to success in content marketing.
More than a few million blog posts, sites, etc. are published daily. So you need good content to introduce your
product or service to others or your target community.

There are different types of content, which include:
– Standard textual
– Video
content – Video content – Audio content.

Content generation is a great way to get people information about your products, services and company. Also, generating content to attract customers and even create a consumer community for your product or service is a great way. | SEO training

“Content” is something that must be expressed through the media, such as speech, writing, or any of the various methods.

Content production is an art. For real success in SEO should source content type.
Source content means that other sites put you as a source.
And win more this way. This goes far beyond writing an article.

Writing, editing and creating a suitable text is part of this process. Content creation is a great way
to convey information to people about your products, services and company.

It is also a great way to attract customers and even create a consumer community for your product or service
. | SEO training A content is tied to its users and audience
in such a way that the main purpose of a content is to be seen by the user.

In fact, it can be said that content production means providing specific information in digital media.
So that users can easily search for the content they want and finally
find it in the media that provides it.

Features great content!

1- The content should include excellent headings (
2- Headlines) 2- Readability of the most important new SEO
3- Short and full paragraphs
4- Photos have better readability
5- Appropriate keywords
6- Boldness and color change are important
7 – Use internal link
8- Do not copy at all
9- Try not to make the content too short
10- Order in publishing the content

Content creation , production process ideas is something that is appealing to your buyers. You can create
written or visualcontentabout those ideas, as well as blog, video, infographic,
or other templates. | SEO training

What is evergreen content?

Evergreen content as the name implies is optimized content. Which is constantly
related to search results ; And the term remains “fresh” for readers over a long period of time. You might think
that all online content is evergreen. But a post may be
removed from search results altogether after publication . But evergreen content is different.

Evergreen content is relevant to search results even after it has been a long time since it was published and
will increase site trafficovertime. | SEO training

SEO training package

Five Reasons to Generate Evergreen Content

Increase sales
Increase site traffic
Improve site ranking in search engines
makes your brand a leading brand in the industry
Communicating with your audience on social media

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