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What is site design?

Web Design, Web Design or Web Design , precisely as an attempt to create a Web site to provide services ,
sell a product or notification.
Website design is a process that consists of web page layering ,
content production, graphic design and SEO principles .
In fact, if you want to create a powerful website that you can use to bring a service,
product or anything else to the first page of Google , you must follow all the technical and visual principles of designing a website.
Website Design – Cheap Website Design

What are the duties of a web designer?

A web designer has a variety of tasks depending on what process of website design he or she is involved in.
In general, in designing and launching a site, we
need two teams or individuals to design the Back-end or the same part of the code and Front-end .
A back-end design specialist is someone who is responsible for writing different code to create the basic structure of a website .
These codes are what are hidden from the visitors of a site,
and above all, they are responsible for setting up and operating a site.
A web design specialist responsible for back-end development
uses programming languages ​​such as Python, ASP, and  PHP  .
In the discussion of front-end design, everything is done to improve the visual features of a site.
In fact, everything a visitor sees is the result of the work of a front-end developer, or the same person
who uses different code to shape the look of the website.
To develop the appearance of the site, coding is required and writing this code is done in languages ​​such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Of course, do not forget that always working with a web graphic designer can bring much better results in this process.

Steps of setting up a website in website design and portal design:

1. Choosing the right name for the site
2. Registering the domain name (site name) on the Internet
3. Designing the software and graphics of the site
4. Purchasing the host (user space)
5. Placing the site designed on the host and opening the site
Website Design – Cheap Website Design

Why should security considerations be considered for the site ?

Users are authenticated when they enter the  site , then are instructed to access the various sections. But it should always be borne in mind that any site to prevent any unauthorized access that may lead to tampering, sabotage or theft of information Adopts security measures, each of which in turn prevents unauthorized persons from accessing the database.

Types of site design

Today’s websites are classified into two types: static website and dynamic website .

Static site design

In static site design, a separate file is stored on the server for each web page, and whenever this page is needed, it is read directly from the server and displayed to the user. One of the advantages of this type of site design, which was most popular until 2015, was the ease of designing static pages and its high security for the servers of that period.
With the introduction of cheaper servers and the rise of server security technology , this design gradually gave way to dynamic site design. Of course, in all dynamic websites, sections with static design are still created, and in fact, all websites have several static sections in their design.

Dynamic site design

Website dynamic pages are designed so that the page itself is static but the content is variable. The structure of these pages is created by a server application that processes server-side scripts.
In fact, the content of such pages is created according to the user’s search. This means that the content of the page does not exist on the server itself, and by calling such content from a dynamic site page, this page is created on the server and sent to the client.
In a dynamic site, pages usually retrieve the content they need from a database in the back-end . When dynamic web pages were first developed. The initial development of dynamic web pages took place directly in languages ​​such as PHP , Perl or ASP.

What could be the purpose of designing the site ?

There are many types of websites. One person’s goal in designing the site may differ from the other person’s goal from earth to sky. Today, a site is designed for almost any purpose to be used as an information or sales base or any other purpose.
With a simple internet search you can find many active business , e-commerce , news and personal blog websites. But if you look at the most successful sites are groups that the principles of design and optimization of targeted SEO have followed up the information in your website to display their customers or visitors to your goal.

Website Design – Cheap Website Design

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