Which is better, PHP or ASP?


Many users and students want to know what the job market is like to start a programming language.
It is often asked what  the PHP or ASP.Net job market is like and which language to start with.
In this article, I will try to answer in detail what  the PHP or ASP.Net job market is like.
If you want to know what the labor market situation of these two languages ​​is, I suggest you read this article to the end.

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Compared to the price of PHP or ASP.NET?

PHP is based on the Linux operating system, and ASP.NET is based on the Windows operating system, and as you know,
Linux is completely free , while activation costs must be paid to use Windows. Linux hosting is usually cheaper than Windows hosting and is usually offered at a lower price.
In addition to the operating system issue, PHP is open
source and there are many more free scripts and codes than ASP.NET for it,
and if you are planning to design a specific site , there are
usually more ready-made scripts for free. There are uses compared to ASP.NET
and this makes the PHP site design cost lower than ASP.NET.

PHP Developer Rights Compared to ASP.Net:

In the case of law, we studied in Iran and abroad, the result of which is as follows:
 The average salary in Iran for an ASP.Net programmer is higher than PHP.
Of course, a programmer’s salary is directly related to his work experience and problem-solving power.
This is also the case outside of Iran , where a .Net developer is paid more than a PHP developer. And wealthy companies are more inclined to ASP.

Performance comparison between PHP or ASP.NET?

PHP is usually under Linux, Apache, and mysql , and there has been a lot of optimization for faster communication between the three,
which has resulted in higher speeds as well as ASP.
.NET is usually under Windows, IIS and MSSQL which are well-coordinated
and the difference between PHP and ASP.NET performance is imperceptible.
The fact is that Linux system files perform better thanWindows NTFS files,
which is why PHP performs better than Windows.

Easier  programming with ASP.NET or PHP:

After researching the multi-Ryan team, we came to the conclusion that it is easier to start programming with PHP than ASP.Net
because of the complexity of the .NET framework and the object-oriented structure of the language. Of course, the php language considers its simplicity as one of the positive features, which we think is also true. Anyway, you need more time to start with asp.net and of course you need to focus more on understanding object-orientation, but a few seconds of this time is not in vain because you will have a wide range of devices ahead, if you start with php will reach your goal faster and you will not need to work with special complexities and you have the web world ahead of you.

Development and coding tools

Developers typically use different editors to develop PHP, while ASP.net developers typically code with Microsoft Visual Studio. Of course, most programmers today support PHP and ASP.NET at the same time, two of which are Dreamweaver + Notepad ++.

Compare PHP or ASP.NET support

PHP is the most popular web programming language that has many developers and user communities, and this has made it possible for a developer to easily find a solution to a problem by searching the Internet. ASP.NET tutorial support is far less than PHP.

Conclusion of this article

According to the above, it is clear that the design speed of PHP sites is higher than ASP.NET and also the cost is lower, but next to these two things called experience and quality and that It is also possible that the company, based on its experience and policy, designed the website by ASP.net at a relatively lower cost than PHP, and vice versa. According to Multi Ryan, it does not matter what programming language the site is implemented in. Finally, building a website with the highest quality and lowest cost may make the employer feel satisfied with the result. MultiRyan has chosen PHP programming language as its base language in this regard.

Which do you think has the highest efficiency? PHP or ASP.Net?


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