What is SEO?


What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization,
is done to improve the performance of your site based on search engine standards and attract
more visitors. Many factors affect your SEO,
from the words used in the text and content to the inbound links to your site from other sites,
sometimes ensuring the proper structure of your site for search engines is called SEO.
The most important question that users ask themselves is what exactly is the definition of SEO?
SEO is a set of activities that we do in site design,
content strategy and content production to gain a better position in Google search results
and attract more visitors to the site.
The concept of SEO is not only related to search engines but also site optimization for visitors is
one of its main factors.
In recent years, Google policies have been aligned with the expectations of visitors to the sites.

What is the impact of user behavior on SEO ?

Google’s new algorithms, especially the RankBrain algorithm, try to analyze user behavior when searching and optimize the results according to the same ranking. Each time a user searches for a phrase on Google and selects one or more results in Google Bids. Google will pay close attention to users’ choices. For example, if a site ranks low in Google results but many users click on it, Google will improve its position.
In addition, the time users spend on a site to search again on Google will be especially important. It is called Dwell Time from the time a user enters your site until they search for the same phrase or phrase on Google again.

What is the importance of SEO ?

Most internet users find the pages they are looking for from major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Therefore, proper SEO is your key to getting more traffic. In addition, search engines provide users with what they are looking for, so they will have more trust in your site compared to online advertising, which shows what SEO is worth and why it should be considered.
Keywords searched by users are very important in search engines, experience has shown that attracting a lot of visitors through Google can guarantee the success of any company. Visiting SEO methods is superior to any kind of advertising and will impose less cost on you in the long run.

Why do search engines need SEO?

Google is a smart engine but it still needs the help of users, they are always trying to provide better results to Internet users, however there are limitations in this direction that create the need for SEO. Wrong SEO can hide you from users and waste all your efforts, so your competitors will have more traffic and popularity with poorer content.
Google crawlers have relatively specific factors for understanding the content of the page, which, if followed, will increase your chances of gaining a place. These factors are called onpage seo and to be successful we need to know exactly what these factors are in SEO. For more information, we suggest you refer to the SEO training section on the site.

Black hat and white hat SEO

Using SEO techniques to satisfy customers and observing all the rules and principles in this direction is called white hat SEO, but using the weakness of search engines and their deception techniques along with not caring about the satisfaction of visitors is known as the black hat method. Once a month, however, Google will identify these black hat techniques and punish sites that have used them. For a better view of this issue, reading the SEO Tricks article can be useful for you.

In the next post , we will discuss the most important SEO methods

What is SEO?

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