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Content writing for the site

[vc_row] [vc_column] [vc_column_text] How to write content for the site: Multi Ryan Company has prepared this content for your convenience, colleagues, customers and those who are interested in writing content and want to earn money. After learning, you can start working by filling out our employment form and approval and earn money in person and remotely.

What are the tips for multi-computer content writers?

1- Follow the principles of content writing:

  • You must write content that is not used on any site.
  • If you do not have information about the article, you can search for it in search engines and get information.
  • You have no right to copy the content in any way.
  • You can only read and take notes.

2 – How to write content for the site

Author: Saeed Ebrahimi

1399/05/17 I will teach you how to write content for the site so that you can work for us at home and earn money.

Many people are afraid of content writing or think they can not and it has become like a dream for them.

But this is not the case. I help you to be able to write content and earn money.

Multi-Ryan currently works with 83 content writers who have completed their training at the company. Due to the problems of the people, unemployment and Kerna disease, he decided to teach and hire to work part-time in the company. Please read the contents carefully so that you can be successful in this field.

Cost of content production

You must have noticed by now that the most important principle in content writing is that the website author should write something that has never been written on any website. This is difficult for companies and those who have an online business, so instead of spending a lot of time writing articles for your business, leave it to a team of multi-content content writers.

We are ready to translate your site into any language you want at a reasonable cost and deliver it to you.

Tip: You value when you write content that is of good quality but not seen. Or it may take a long time for your content to be seen.


More than 95% of the sites you visit have online businesses. One of the principles of their business is content writing for their business site. The question most of our students and clients ask is how do I write content for my business? What content should I write about? Is there content for all businesses?

I have only one happy answer for you, and that is yes. Now I will answer your questions.


You have to write the content in your own language because your audience likes it more. Be sure to use simple and understandable content and our content is not complicated so that the audience does not understand. If the content is not translated, this is not interesting and the user will not read the whole article. Content is best generated from audio files, text files, video files. If you use all 4, it’s great, so don’t just think about the text.

Observe the most important points in content writing

Generate new content

The best way to produce new content is to use the content of foreign sites. It is better to take the content from external sites, translate it and create it in simple language. By doing this, our content is not repetitive and we are superior to other competitors and the best way is to produce new content. Only use a translator when using the content of foreign sites if you are not fluent in the language.

Content writing from photos

It is better to design photos that are related to the content of the site, and if you want to be superior to your other competitors, do not copy the photos inside the sites at all, because the search engine robot, especially the Google robot, is very smart and easily notices copying your photo. . When designing your own photo, make sure it is not on other sites.

Research and search

The main job of a content writer is to research and search for that content in order to gather valuable information.

Build educational content

You can create content that the user can learn new content by reading it. By doing this, your site visitor will go up and get a high ranking and your site will get higher points in search engines. So we have to try to produce informative content. I can assure you that most users are looking for educational content and have positive feedback.

question and answer

To make your content better every day, it is better to set up a question and answer system. This has been launched by Multi Ryan Company on its customers’ site so that the site’s customers can express their opinions more easily. You can produce the best content when you listen to customer feedback.

Editing in content writing

You can edit your content after a while. If your job is content writing and you write content for multiple sites and you intend to use that content on your site (do not do this at all) and get rid of the idea of ​​copying. It is better to create a new article by adding and editing it. Your content must be valuable, otherwise your work is useless and worthless. It is better to do the following activity on your content.


Multi-Ryan style content writing: To write content remotely and generate income for yourself, you should pay attention to the following points. In the first line, a short explanation between one and two and a half lines, you can write about the content and just know. Next you have to enter the title we told you and we will choose one color for all the titles.

Title: What you need to know about SEO


Just know the title is enough and produce your content. The keyword should be used in the first paragraph and in the content, but you should be careful not to use it too much because it is recognized by Google as spam. Finally, using it once in each section, too much repetition will ruin your content.

The length of your sentence should not be too long. Finally, two half lines, then you can hit Inter and write two more half lines. No more than two paragraphs should be used in any way. Try not to use more than 20 words in a sentence. Put a title after each one or two paragraphs.


Remote working conditions with Multi Ryan


  1. We do not accept copy content in any way.
  2. Honesty in work is a priority that you must observe.
  3. Do all the content correctly but copy one There is no further cooperation.
  4. Content delivery on time.
  5. You get paid for the amount of content.
  6. Design at least 3 photos
  7. Do not use the name of yourself or any other company in the content because there is no forgiveness.
  8. The content should be legible and understandable


Find content text


Do a Google search for the keyword given to you and read the articles you find, write the sentence you found out of it and then edit it to make it understandable and legible. The important thing is not to copy again until I kidnap

Download PDF file Content telecommuting conditions
Share site content

Linking to refer to other pages

Generate content regularly

Communicating with the audience

Write related content

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