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Aftereffect applications

What is After Effect:

After Effects is one of the most prestigious and most powerful software in the field of special effects,
motion graphics (animated graphics) and composite services.
Aftereffect software has been used in many film projects and is currently one of the first choices for filmmakers.
What is a special effect?
Special effects Anything that is difficult to do in the film industry and cannot be done by ordinary filmmakers,
and that another group takes action to create, is called a special effect.
Perhaps this old definition is a special effect, and for example, we can mention the creation of explosions in the scenes of movies, accidents, the
use of stuntmen in falling from heights, and so on.
But the definition of special effectNow it can be defined in another way: creating everything that is in your mind
and in the real world is not possible!
Such as creating giant robots , creating an imaginary and unreal world , creating huge explosions , etc. Of course
, special effects are divided into several types such as Kidani special effects, visual special effects, and so on.
In special effects, sometimes you want to see a lot of events,
such as scenes of accidents and explosions, etc., and sometimes you do not want special effects to be seen!
Like creating a dream city or land, but in such a way that the viewer does not even realize that the images he sees
are artificially produced and have no external existence.

What is Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics are motion graphics .
In the past, graphic designs were at the level of a poster or a still image, but today animated graphic designs are more
commonly used,
and motion graphics in the field. They have many applications such as commercials, TV teasers , movie captions , and more.
One of the most prominent examples of motion graphics is the TV teaser.


Aftereffect applications
Aftereffect applications
Configuration or composition of the indivisible special effects are,
because usually the old special effects combine multiple videos (multi-layer) was formed
and this layer must ultimately combine were so kind It is a specialty in itself.
In the composition, which is part of the final stages of a project, you put different layers of film together
and apply color and light corrections on them to achieve an acceptable composition


Aftereffect applications
In general , it can be said about special films since the beginning of cinema and it continues and will continue and will become stronger every day than in the past. There are many examples about the film industry and special effects. He stated, but one of the oldest examples that can be beaten and the progress of special effects and cinema can be seen is the series of Godzilla films. In recent times, there were extreme special effects in films such as Godzilla! That was an astonishing movie at the time, and to this day Godzilla has given way to the Titans., Weird creatures, etc. You can see the trajectory of special effects. Various are placed on the film.
In addition to the above, which is just beginning in the Iranian labor market , there is another application of After Effects software that you can enter and it has a good job market, in the field of tasks such as putting effects for movies. Wedding, birthday and ،, you can easily put beautiful effects on your family videos with a little training and using ready-made projects
Of course, it is necessary to mention a few points :
1- After effects is not a compilation program! You can use the adobe premiere program for editing. Some people mistakenly consider the after effects program as part of the editing program and even ask the question of after effects or premiere .
2. In the special effects software After Effects for a Series Tvanahay is unique, but in general, this software with other software combination that creates beautiful works in this field is, for example, if you want to Design a robot and let that robot walk in your room! Should the robot and his movements in other programs such as 3D Max or Maya and with…. Design, and film your room, and finally withSpecial techniques: Put the images of that robot naturally on the movie you took from your room.

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